The purpose of my art has evolved over time. The journey has been from the intensely personal to the universal, from the struggle to stay upright as a human to the exalted and expanded song of the soul. By listening to this voice that ushers from deep within and translating the message into form, I seek to inspire all those who view my work.

The themes that have emerged are about the soul’s journey to remember, from isolation in the limitations of the self to transcending in order to rejoin our collective divine inheritance. As recently as 50 years ago, these would have been esoteric concepts but as the collective human consciousness evolves so does the spiritual zeitgeist. There are signs pointing to a spiritual transformation taking root in culture all around us.

Art is always at the vanguard of social change and those of us who have chosen to listen carefully are charged with delivering these messages of hope. Through our work, we artists can serve by charting the path to a deeper connection to that which our inner heart just gleans but knows to be real. Compassion, service, overcoming fear, and embracing a patient and loving stance are our messages as we travel through time over and over, all the while ascending as seen through the luminous and secret code of nature. These are some of themes that I am speaking about.

Good art comes from having the sense to set aside your ego, still the heart and mind, and listen to forces larger than yourself. Then, the trick — after having done this — is to be expansive and treasure what you’re working on as profound and important. Passion and obsession fuel a work ethic that produces relentless attention to detail and a razor-sharp focus. At the same time one keeps a diffuse awareness to receive ongoing inspiration. This pushes you to realize your vision, not stopping until it is in form.

Underlying this process, however, is the most important dimension: you must have the courage to speak the unspeakable by revealing your inner-most nature for all the world to view. This allows the art to be both intimate and universal by encouraging the viewer to venture out of their isolation and loneliness as they recognize your/their truth. It is this dimension of art that elevates it to its most noble purpose. 

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